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Students can practice their sight words from Units 1 and 2 with this printable. There are two sentences for them to read using the sight words they have learned as well. Pre-K through 1st Grade Sounds Scary - Free Online Sight Word Reading Comprehension Worksheet with Interactive Quiz Questions by Courseware Solutions. Printable story with random questions and online answer checking. Easy sight word story for 1st and 2nd grade. For desktops, tablets and phones. Practicing sight words was such a huge help to my kids as they were learning to read - especially for my youngest daughter who needed lots of extra help to get her reading skills at grade level (too right brained - just like her mom!!).They also provided additional words for a child who mastered the first list of sight words. First Grade Sight Words. By the end of first grade, a child should automatically recognize and correctly spell sight words. 2nd Grade Sight Words . Sight words are no longer in vogue; the terminology changes from sight words to wall words.