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ADF4351 with arduino Dear all , as the project name , I want to interface the arduino with adf4351 , the code is already on internet , what i need to communicate with arduino with adf4351 over UART , to set output frequency and channel spacing and output divider , and i will see it , i will upload the code for arduino which is on internet ... OSEPP Arduino Basics Starter Kit 101 with UNO R3 Plus. Dec 01, 2017 · This is a library for use with the Si4463 radio IC from Silicon Labs, used (or will soon be) in some of my projects.The Si4463 is configurable in a ton of different ways with options for modulation, packet format, CRC algorithms and has a high output power of up to +20dBm ... GPSDO, ADF4351 und Arduino By Herbert, OE5TDO Tue Aug 13 17:18:07 CEST 2019 OE5 ÖVSV Dachverband Die Frequenzstabilität spielt bei einer QO100 TRX Anlage, selbst bei SSB, eine große Rolle. Weder die verwendeten SAT-LNBs noch die meisten SDRs verfügen über eine wirklich ausreichende Frequenzstabilität die über ein QSO hinausgeht ... . 35M-4.4GHz PLL RF Sorgente del Segnale Sintetizzatore di Frequenza Scheda di Sviluppo ADF4351. 12,70€ ...