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The first gas-operated, semi-automatic service rifle adopted by the U.S. to replace the M1903 This adjustment of the sling will be made before precise movements of the manual are to be executed. the small of the stock, muzzle in the air at an angle of 45°. With the forefinger of the right hand, he...If you searching to check American Legion Air Rifle Rules And B3 Air Rifle Piston Seal price. Under Lever Air Rifle B3-3. Under Lever Air Rifle QB36-1. Page up. 1. Page down. IF YOU HAVE ANY NEEDS PLEASE CONTACT US IN TIME. No.60 Hongtu Road, Fengxian ... Update: February 2020. I've been shooting this rifle quite a bit and I have more insight to share. This rifle broke a BSA air gun scope. It also threw off another! 2 suggestions: First - Get a very strong 1 piece dovetail mount for an inexpensive scope. It's likely to break the scope after prolong use so no need to purchase an expensive one.