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Integrated information theory (IIT) is a theoretical framework for understanding consciousness developed by Dr. Giulio Tononi and collaborators at the Wisconsin Institute for Sleep and Consciousness at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. About. I am a doctoral student in the Microbiology Doctoral Training Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying engineered microbiomes in Dr. Katherine McMahon's lab.I am specifically interested in pairing modern 'omics techniques and wet-lab experiments to understand microbial interactions and ecoevolutionary dynamics of semi-complex communities.Proteoforms are the workhorses of the cell, and subtle differences between their amino acid sequences or post-translational modifications (PTMs) can change their biological function. To most effectively identify and quantify proteoforms in genetically diverse samples by mass spectrometry (MS), it is advantageous to search the MS data against a sample-specific protein database that is tailored ...