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If Λ < 0.0625, the random numbers are generated by inverse transformation method. Otherwise, they are produced through transformation of normally distributed random numbers. cuRAND (C) Finally, Nvidia’s CUDA Random Number Generation library has a function for generating Poisson variates. So, another function for generating random variables is the rpoirs function or the, which generates Poisson random variables from a Poisson distribution with a given rate. And so, so there are number of functions for generating random variables from the, from kind of the standard probability distributions. Not all probability distribution functions in Excel come with a corresponding inverse function we can use to generate random numbers. The Data Analysis Tools are Inadequate. The “Random Number Generation” tool of the Data Analysis add-in can provide a set of random numbers that follow your choice of probability distribution. Is it possible to generate a set of random numbers between say 50 - 150 whereby the sum of those random numbers totals a value in the spreadsheet which is determined by two other values in the spreadsheet? Eg: value 1 = 10, value 2 = 300. The difference = 290. Now generate 6 or so random numbers between 50 - 150 that come to a total of 290.