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fivem-map-hipster California State RP | Whitelisted Server 1 relatively easy application apply on our discord at | LAC BASED | Anyone Can Be Cop (If In TeamSpeak) | Police Can Interact With AI | Custom Scripts & Exclusive Cars | Active Admins | Recruting In All Departments Selling FiveM Drugs/Blackmarket Locations for like around 5/10$ black market, cash, drugs, fivem, locations, money. 2 Batteries. Esx drugs fivem Software upgrade (version 20. We have active staff and development teams to help make sure that the server is the best that it I'm selling a FiveM RolePlay server. Map Style : Drugs Room ----- Installation FIVEM : ----- A- Open the file with 7zip, Winrar or any other program that allows you to unzip these types of files B- Unzip the file into your MAP FOLDER who start on your server.cfg C - For FiveM servers - Drop the file .ymap to the Stream folder that should be located in your Map folder, and that folder shall need to be up on your server Resources ...