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Updating a legacy php app - Updating a legacy PHP app to OAuth and migrating users Webhooks - Handling a breached password detection webhook with PHP Python Flask oauth - Login with the Authorization Code grant Flask profile portal - A user profile portal built with Flask league/oauth2-server is a standards compliant implementation of an OAuth 2.0 authorization server You can easily configure an OAuth 2.0 server to protect your API with access tokens, or allow clients...Override the oauth_user_info method there. :) But I think, it is the auth_user_oauth method, that you want to override. After retrieving the user_info from the oauth server (and converting it into a Python dict), this method is called. It is supposed to return a user model object. OAuth2 Authentication allows users to log into your Drupal site authenticating against a remote identity provider (IDP) via OAuth2. That is, if a user's credentials can be used to retrieve a valid access token...