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These Geometry Worksheets are perfect for learning and practicing various types problems about Similarity of proportions, polygons, and triangles.. Feb 06, 2014 · The ratio of the side lengths of a triangle is 4 : 7 : 9. The perimeter of the triangle is 120 feet. Find the side lengths. Then classify the triangle by its side lengths. 3. The first angle is three times the second angle. The third angle is twelve less than twice the second angle. Find the angle measures. Then classify the triangle by its ... Then we can use what you know about proportions and similar figures to solve the exercise. Note that, because the height-lines and the ground are (assumed to be) perpendicular, the similar triangles are also right-angled triangles. This doesn't usually matter, but try to make the triangles that you draw look at least roughly right-angled.