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Instead, it relies on organic cedar oil and neem oil to kill the pests and alleviate itching. After administering a few drops into the ear canal, massage the base of the ear and gently wipe dry with a cotton ball. This remedy can be used safely on young kittens. Meanwhile, Cheyletiella mites can be treated like fleas with Flea & Tick Control. Oust contains Tea Tree Oil plus the anti-bacterial preservative PHMB to effectively aid in the removal of demodex mites and their offspring. Oust moisturizing formula soothes, calms, and relieves irritation. Oust is available in economical Foaming Liquid or Patient Compliant Pre-Moistened Pads. Aug 5, 2018 - Demodex Control® Medicated Face and Body Mask, Kill Demodex mites, Eliminates and Control Face and Body Demodicosis, Stop Facial Itching Caused By Demodex Mites Castor oil is effective in reducing the growth of Demodex Mites, but only in minor or initial stages. Packed with essential nutrients, ricinoleic acid, and minerals, castor oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties (1). This helps in reducing the density of Demodex mites. However, more research studies are required to confirm this.