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Choose a drive-through or walk-through test centre for a quick test, or order a home test kit. you're planning to leave the country. your employer or school has asked you to get a test but you have no symptoms. You can pay for a private test.Nitric Acid : U.N.NO 2632. Chemical Formula HNo3 Packing : 30 Kgs & 40 Kgs HDPE Jars. Physical property : Clear liquid giving white to yellowish fumes. Chemical Property : Nitric Acid 68%. Acidity as HN03 58% +/- 0.5%. Nitrogen Oxide as (HN02) % by Mass Max. 0.1. Chloride as (Cl) % by Mass Max. 0.002. Sulphate as (H2SO4) % by Mass Max. 0.005.