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To do so, use this equation: If we plug in the numbers from the example in step 3, we get 10/38 x 10µm = 2.63 µm. That means that as you are looking through the microscope at low power, the space between each line on the micrometer eyepiece measures 2.63µm. Try it on the cell to the right. Calculating Total Magnification Objective Lens Ocular Lens Total Magnification 4X 10X 40X 10X 10X 100X 40X 10X 400X 100X oil 10X 1000X Properly Putting Away the Scope – Every day when finished with your scope follow these steps to put it away properly 1. Turn off light 2. Place scanning lens in place 3. Drop stage and remove slide 4. Clean ... When using a microscope we usually need to know the . It gives us an idea of how small an object is. It gives us an idea of how small an object is. The total magnification viewed is the coverslip drying eyepiece glass slide hold lenses magnify microscope objective power of magnification product specimen of the magnification of the eyepiece lens ...