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The “limited data set” provisions also require covered entities to take reasonable steps to cure any breach by a recipient of the data use agreement. That is, if Hopkins determines that data provided to a recipient is being used in a manner not permitted by the agreement, it must work with the recipient to correct this problem. Uniform definition, identical or consistent, as from example to example, place to place, or moment to moment: uniform spelling;a uniform building code. See more. CHIA has released its latest quarterly hospital and health system financial performance report with data through June 30, 2020. This report provides a quarterly update on profitability, liquidity, and solvency for the fiscal year-to-date period. This report has additionally been expanded to include the financial impact of COVID-19 on hospitals. Their groundbreaking work, and the anti-submarine warfare equations it produced, set a standard for operations research methods that CNA has maintained for 75 years. Today, with more than 500 professionals at our headquarters and 50 researchers in the field, CNA still takes a multi-disciplinary, real-world approach to our work.