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Acer XB273K vs XV273K - G-Sync vs G-Sync Compatible If you are in the market for a G-Sync monitor, these actually both fit the bill because the XV273K is on the G-Sync Compatible list. So for $400 over the Nitro XV, the Predator XV apparently gets you:XB273K has the same panel, but has some kind of 3 zone dimming available as well. The XV273K's has a rich feature set that can't be used together. It's dual cable 144Hz 4K HDR Freesync, but it's really dual cable 144Hz OR HDR OR Freesync at the same time (aside from an unintentional hack with the PC widget which allows HDR + Freesync).Jun 01, 2019 · I'm thinking of getting either an Acer XB273K or XV273K to replace my Asus PG279Q. My graphics card is an RTX 2080Ti so is probably capable of 4K at a decent frame rate. Is it possible to get HDR using the cheaper XV273K on a Nvidia RTX 2080TI in adaptive sync/Freesync mode? Does the XV273K offer full 10-bit colour reproduction?